Name: Aadam Soorma

College: Heinz College

Major: Master of Science in Public Policy & Management (MSPPM)

Class: First-year master's student

Cities (towns, villages, islands, etc.) you've lived:

Canton, Ohio, USA
Athens, Ohio, USA
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Akron, Ohio, USA
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Kent, Ohio, USA
Troy, Alabama, USA
Sioux City, Iowa, USA (living out of my car along the Missouri River)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Versailles, France

Prior development experience (if any):

I volunteered with my company's Habitat for Humanity group in northeast Ohio for the last two years. We built single-unit homes in underdeveloped areas of Portage County, Ohio.
I'm currently serving as the CMU International Development Group first-year co-chair. We'll be traveling to the annual International Development Conference hosted by Harvard University in April 2013.

Interests in development:

Interested in the role development plays in shaping United States foreign policy toward emerging geographies. I'd like to know what goes into foreign aid distribution audit trails, specifically in states actively working against US interests. I'd like to read about cases where development has backfired and actually worked against its intended purposes.

Concerning this class, I'm most interested in the development of governmental institutions that provide for increasing stability in post-conflict countries. I'm also interested in agricultural development, economic development, social media development and sustainable energy development.

Final Project:

Water Purification
Group Members: Aadam Soorma, Nisha Maharaja, Rajesh Ravikumar