Name: Adrianto

College: Heinz College

Major: Public Policy and Management

Class: Master's, May 2014

Cities (towns, villages, islands, etc.) you've lived:
  1. Jakarta, Indonesia
  2. Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  3. Bandung, Indonesia
  4. Nias Island, Indonesia
  5. Makassar, Indonesia
  6. Pittsburgh, PA

Prior development experience (if any):

I am working at the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Finance-Republic of Indonesia. My job is mainly related to engineer the organization to improve efficiency and to support task execution. My job includes organizational restructuring, job analysis, workload analysis, performance management, and standard operating procedures (SOP) development. It has an indirect effect on the development of rural areas in Indonesia, through providing in-depth analysis of which areas require an establishment of new local offices to carry out fiscal functions, such as tax collection, local government fund disbursements or state property management. I have been working here since January 2009.

I have an IT experience in developing a web-based application for workload analysis. Although I didn't have any background in IT, I worked closely with the IT staffs to assist them in translating the workload analysis business process into programming language. I understand the basic operation of and syntax used in database applications, such as MS Access and MS SQL Server.

Interests in development:

My areas of interest are governance in the public sector and economic development.