Please read the following articles, watch the following video, and answer these questions before class.
1. Common Sense Net: A wireless Sensor Network for Resource-Poor Agriculture in the Semiarid Areas of Developing CountriesArticle by Jacques PanchardQ1. Do you think that the COMMONSense Net project should be replicated in other developing countries? Why?
Q2. How could you improve the COMMONSense Net project?

2. Catalytic mechanisms for promoting ICT investment and use in cassava value chains in southwestern Nigeria
Article by Mutawakilu A. Tiamiyu, Abiodun S. Bankole and Rosemary O. Agbonlahor
1. Out of the three categories, growers, processors and markets, who are most likely to reap the benefits of using ICT and why?
2. Why does ICT ownership have more of an influence on SME output than ICT investment or frequency of use?

3. CABI - ICT based agri-solutions in Pakistan
Video by CABI
1. Briefly describe(in a few sentences) the goal of ICT implementation into agriculture markets.
2. If CABI conducts a follow up study, how can they increase user feedback and streamline support units?

Additional materials
A model for developing ICT based services for agriculture extension

Class materials1. Presentation2.Case 1
3. Case 2