Team members: Majda Rahal and Matt Cleinman

Problem statement: ETUSA, the transit agency for Algiers, has very limited publicly-available data. Their website lacks bus schedules, maps, and transit planning.

Solution approach: During prior schooling in Algeria, Madjda gathered basic data directly from ETUSA, and cleaned up the data for some of the lines. Building on this work, we will get the transit information into a usable form. We will move the data for each line into a machine-readable format (CSV and GTFS) and publish it on github or another publically-available source. Given the format it is currently in, this will be mostly manual. Estimate is about 30 minutes for each line (tram, light rail, and 51 bus lines).
Depending on the amount of time this actually ends up taking, we may also:
- Create typical (American-style) bus schedules and maps for each line. (10-45 minutes per line, depending on how much we can automate)
- Implement an open-source transit planner. There are several out there (including OpenTripPlanner and Graphserver), and we would need to investigate further to determine which one we would use. (5-10 hours, but this is somewhat of a wild guess)
- Add the schedule information to Google Maps Transit. (3-5 hours, if data is already in GTFS format)

Preliminary literature review (given the nature of our project, we don't expect to do much further research on literature):
Streetfilms. "A Case for Open Data in Transit."
Rojas, Francisca M. "Transit Transparency: Effective Disclosure through Open Data."
Antrim, Aaron and Sean Barbeau. "The Many Uses of GTFS Transit Data - Opening the Door to Transit and Multimodal Applications."

Set of expected outcomes: Deliverables are as listed above. We would definitely have this information in CSV and GFTS formats to allow others to extend our work further, and may create bus schedules/maps, a trip planner, or Google Maps integration.

Initial bibliography:
See links in the solution approach and problem statement.