Name: Alice Tripp

College: SHS/Heinz

Major: International Relations and Politics/Management and Public Policy

Class: Senior/First year masters

Cities (towns, villages, islands, etc.) you've lived: San Francisco, California

Final Project: Lowering Rates of Adolescent Pregnancy in Central America

We plan to create a design document for a community-based project aimed at lowering rates of adolescent pregnancy in Central America.
Project Proposal

Prior development experience (if any):

I do not have any development experience though I have spent time in developing countries. I have spent a fair amount of time in rural villages in Fiji teaching English and doing marine environment monitoring.

Interests in development:

I am interested in development because of an experience I had in Fiji. While out on one of the Yasawa Islands we found a reef that was just recovering from being dynamited. The local village used dynamite to fish less than a decade prior and the reef was finally showing signs of recovery. Talking with villagers I learned that there were no plans to dynamite the reef again or even do much fishing on it. A SCUBA shop that had opened at a nearby resort brought in much more than fishing had. It is now in the interest of the village to maintain the health of the reef and take protective measures. This symbiotic relationship struck me as so fantastic! Instead of exploiting the reef, the villagers had an incentive to preserve it; marine protection delivered more money for the village than destruction had. I am interested in development in hopes of finding more of these symbiotic relationships between the environment and local peoples.